Lusatia - a blessed country

BAUTZEN - the „Saxon Nuremberg”

In brief what you can expect

  • trip to Bautzen, a town with Baroque buildings, medieval town walls, and the Sorbs, an ethnic group who resides in this area
  • sightseeing tour with a stop in the “Simultan Cathedral”
  • free time to roam around the city on your own

Duration (from Dresden) 5 hours

Price 180,- € (inclusive VAT 19%)

special prices are available (e.g. for small groups) by prior arrangement

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Details of this tour
In Bautzen and its sourroundings you still find some descendants of the Lusatia people who settled here in the 6th century, the Sorbs. They maintained their traditions and their own Slavic language until the present. Some of my ancestors belonged to these people. It will be a pleasure for me to introduce you to their history on our trip to Bautzen. On the walk through Bautzen I will tell you some interesting stories about the “slanting tower” of Bautzen, or the “broken” cathedral. Let us stroll through streets with phantastic Baroque houses of the townsmen, and stand in awe of the water system of our forefathers. In Germany the name Bautzen has not the best reputation. In Bautzen was the main prison of the Ministry of State Security (Stasi) in communist times. I will not exclude that theme on our tour. I will relate to you some true stories to give you an idea how people once suffered under that regime. We are all very happy that this regime no longer exists. Enjoy and collect your own impressions of Bautzen. With its many old towers it has a similarity to Nuremberg.