Pillnitz -
a summer residence with botanical rarities

In brief what you can expect

  • trip to Pillnitz by bus or car
  • walk around the former summer residence of the Saxon rulers, built in the Chinoiserie style
  • walk through the park of the castle with one of the oldest Japanese Camelia trees in Europe
  • supplementary inside visits of the garden pavillons are possible

3 hours without inside visits
3,5 hours hours with inside visits

Price (3 hours)
150,- € (inclusive VAT 19%)

Price (3,5 hours)
170,- € (inclusive VAT 19%)

special prices are available (e.g. for small groups) by prior arrangement

Extra costs

  • park entrance fee
  • entrance fees for the museums

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Details of this tour
You will get to know a so called “Indian-palace of pleasure”, and you will hear about strange things as for instance what giraffes have to do with China. The Saxon ruler August “the Strong” ordered the construction of this summer palace on the shores of the Elbe in the first half of the 18th century. It was built in the fashion of Chinese architecture. It was never completly finished. Nevertheless it is a delight to look at. Stroll with me along the colorfully painted walls of the palace, and have a look at the Elbe River. The many botanical rarities of the park are fascinating. The park covers a surface of 28 ha (70 acres). One of the trees in the park is the oldest Camelia tree in northern Europe. This tree blooms between February and May. Should you be interested in viewing further details, I would be pleased to show you the inside of some of the park pavilions. These are usually closed to the public.