Moritzburg - a place not only for hunting

In brief what you can expect

  • travel to Moritzburg
  • guided tour through the hunting castle
  • either a short walk of about 20 minutes to the Rokoko-style Pheasant Castle, or some free time for you personal use

Duration (from Dresden) 3 - 4 hours

Price 160,- € (inclusive VAT 19%)

special prices are available (e.g. for small groups) by prior arrangement

Extra costs

  • entrance fees for the museums

This tour can be combined with

  • a half-day trip to Meissen
  • a tour with a horse drawn carriage through the forest of Moritzburg
  • a tour on a narrow-gauge railway powered by a steam locomotive

Details of this tour
Moritzburg is a former hunting castle of the Saxon kings. The view from the castle is gorgeous. One looks at fields, forests, and lakes. The Saxon King Frederic Augustus I, also nicknamed “Augustus the Strong”, ordered the construction of this castle of the baroque period. It replaced a smaller hunting lodge of the 16th century. Do not expect a normal guided tour where you see a throne room and bed-chambers. Discover with me the unique leather wall hangings, learn what unites Moritzburg with the Albertina in Vienna, wonder about the amorous adventures of Augustus the Strong, and stand in awe around an exceptional bed, in which nobody ever slept. Afterwards you can eather take a short walk to the Pheasant Castle nearby and a light house standing in the middle of the woods, or enjoy some free time on your own.