Special tours

Dresden tour by bicycle

This is a special way to see Dresden from a very different perspective. For the sightseeing tour of the historical center of Dresden walking is more appropriate. However, to experience the many parks of Dresden, or the castles along the Elbe (river), cycling is more appropriate.

Come with me and cycle

  • through the exclusive residential districts of Dresden,
  • along the Elbe, and
  • through the park named Great Garden, the “Green Lung” of the city.

There is a spot that affords one the best panoramic view to Dresden’s city skyline, the so called “Canaletto view”.
After all of this one can take a walk through the historical center of Dresden.
You can use your own bikes for this tour, or I can rent one for you.

Duration 4 hours

Price 170,-€ (inclusive VAT 19%)

special prices are available (e.g. for small groups) by prior arrangement

Extra costs

  • bicycle rental (if required)

This tour can be combined with

  • visit of one museum in Dresden