"The Ore Mountains" - the treasury of Saxony

In brief what you can expect

  • trip to Freiberg
  • guided city-tour with a visit of the cathedral
  • continuation to Seiffen, a little town famous for its wood carving industry
  • time on your own for exploring the shops and possible shopping

Duration (from Dresden) 8 hours

Price 250,- € (inclusive VAT 19%)

special prices are available (e.g. for small groups) by prior arrangement

Extra costs

  • entrance fees for the visit of the cathedral


  • You can skip Seiffen and have only a short stop in a place between Freiberg and Dresden where wooden carvings are being sold directly by the manufacturer.
  • Duration (from Dresden) 6 hours

Details of this tour
The Ore Mountains came into being some million years ago. Because of its abundance of silver it made Saxony a wealthy country. After the silver mining was depleted, there are still many towns in the Ore Mountains, where you can observe today remnants of their former wealth. Our first stop will be Freiberg, a charming medieval looking town and one of the centers of the Ore Mountains. It is famous for its cathedrale with an original “Silbermann” organ. After a short sighseeing walk and a visit to the cathedral we continue on to Seiffen. Seiffen is not only well known for wood carvings in Germany. These carvings are especially used to decorate living rooms at Christmas. They depict nutcrackers, smoking men, and turning pyramids. The blades of these pyramids are powered by the heat of candles. Here you will have the chance to see all these items in the museum, or buy them for reasonable prices at one of the many shops. The most fascinating time to discover Seiffen is the pre Christmas season. In the afternoons all these illuminations make the town looking like a fairyland. The bus ride to and from Seiffen will pass in no time, as I will relate to you many interesting items of the area, to include some legends. I will also accustom you to some local music.