Special tours

Bicycle tour on a special bicycle track along the elbe river

Should you like to participate in physical activities during your vacation, I would like to welcome you on a cycling tour along the Elbe. The tour starts in Wittenberge. It progresses then via Torgau, Meissen, Dresden, to the Elbe River Sandstone formations. Along this track you can experience nature pure, as well as much history and culture.
One can do this tour also the other way around. However, one should consider that the prevailing wind comes normally from the West. This wind pushes you virtually from Wittenberg, through Dresden, to the Elbe River Sandstone formations. The latter locations would be the highlights of this tour.
During this trip you will be constantly informed on the history, significance, and the nature of the surroundings that you are crossing through. Sightseeing tours of Wittenberg, Torgau, Meissen, and Dresden are included.

Detailed planning by prior arrangement.

Duration 5 to 7 days

Price 300,- (inclusive VAT 19%) per day

special prices are available (e.g. for small groups) by prior arrangement

Extra costs

  • fees for ferries or transportation
  • fees for overnight stays
  • bus or bicycle rental (if required)
  • meals