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Dresden and the peaceful revolution of 1989

Lets think back to the historic days of fall 1989. Thousands of East Germans protested peacefully against the communist regime. As a former active participant of these actions during the so called “peaceful revolution”, I want to show you some locations of the non-violent resistance in Dresden:

> the main railroad station, > the shopping street Prager Strasse, > the Church of the Holy Cross (Kreuzkirche), > the town hall,
> the police headquarters, > the Church of Our Lady (Frauenkirche), > the theatre square.

I’ll explain on what we wanted at that time. And what did we obtain?
Do not expect nostalgia. It will be an attempt of not forgetting an unique event of German history. In addition to this walk you can visit the former prison of the the East German Security Service (Stasi) in Dresden.

Duration 2 hours

StartMain Railroad Station (main entrance)
End Municipal Museum (center of Dresden)

Price 105,-€ (inclusive VAT 19%)